Photo Zines

In February, I self published two zines of my photography work.  The first “Talk of the Town” zine is a compilation of photos that I took while walking and taking the train or bus around my town, Oakland.  There are color and black and white photos of people and places that I feel make this town so special.  The second zine “Rudos vs Tecnicos” is the first volume of photos that I have taken since October 2016 of the California Lucha Libre, a Mexican Style wrestling club, located here in the Bay Area.  I have been following and documenting this underground Lucha Libre extravaganza.  The men and women of this club are very serious and amazing at what they do.  They practice three times a week on top of their full time jobs.  They hold the main events once a month.  The next event is this Saturday, May 6, in Hayward, Ca.

I have a few left for sale on my online site:




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